Rosario Alvarez

Singer, pianist and choir director. His training as a musician began at age 5 since he entered the school of Niños Cantores de Cordoba (Argentina) where he received
a solid theoretical, auditory and choral singing training throughout his school education, complemented by the Piano career at the Provincial Conservatory.
In Buenos Aires he has trained at the Julio Bocca Musical Theater School, the National Conservatory, in lyric singing and choral conducting and complemented his training with different private teachers in dance, acting and singing, while he taught music in different schools and with students of different ages.

As a choir she has belonged to renowned choirs of Cordoba and Buenos Aires as well as to Opera companies such as Lyric Soul, Opera Joven and OID Opera.

He invests two years studying in the United States in Los Angeles and New York, seeking to nurture his multidisciplinary approach and where he can acquire vocal and acting skills, experience in high level auditions and develop the use of English.

Already established in Barcelona, ​​he continues to nurture himself as an artist and produce music that tries to reflect and merge all this trajectory with digital tools and electronic music while studying the career of Musical Production.

In his classes he seeks to approach the technique and the repertoire in a creative, dynamic and entertaining way, trying to generate a space of trust where the student can feel free to express himself and enjoy learning.