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Music lessons for babys from 4 month, children , young people and adults

The learning objective of our school is to enable students to discover, learn and get to love music, both classical and modern. Adults, young students and even babies from 4 month upwards will find a tailored to their need place to have fun while learning music.

There are group lessons: Small musicians, musical discovery, musical language, wheel of instruments, combo, chamber music, choir etc. and individual lessons: instruments, singing...

Parents will be aware of their child's progress through quarterly reports and auditions. Once finished the basic degree, the school can prepare the student for the Acess to the Professional Conservatory.

For a better result, parents are asked to commit themselves in their child's learning at home, as practising regularly is essential if a student is to make good progress.


Study programmes

The training offered by the school is divided in three areas. All of them can complement each other:

  • Basic musical learning: Small musicians, musical discovery, musical language, etc.
  • Instruments: Wheel of instruments: The student gets familiar with different instruments (students between the ages of 5 and 8)
  • Traditional method: Piano, classical and electrical guitar and bass, recorder and flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello
  • Vocal studies: Classical and modern singing. Children's choir and adult's mixed choir.


Organization chart

You can download study programmes from the attached document

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